Wall Warehouse stocks a wide range of solutions for your Wall, Ceiling, Underfloor and Acoustic requirements. We supply an array of products from major brands to ensure you use the right system for your new home movie theatre, 6 star rating energy efficient home or large commercial project.

Sound Insulation Ratings

The ‘Rw’value is the sound insulation rating for airborne sound. A higher ‘Rw’ rating means the better partition for sound insulation. Airborne sound insulation ratings can range from as low as Rw 10-15 up to values of Rw 75 and greater. Sometimes the Rw value includes a Ctr rating. Rw + Ctr. Ctr is a sound insulation rating for low-frequency noise, like trucks and stereo subwoofers.

Ctr is a negative number and values typically range from about -4 to about -12. The Ctr rating depends on the mass of the partition. A heavier partition will have a lower Ctr rating.

It’s important to choose the right sound insulation rating for your project. Our team are wall system specialists so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Theatre room

GTEK Fire and Acoustic

Wall Warehouse has a long association with BGC, an Australian owned and operated company. BGC have recently unveiled their new GTEK range of plasterboard and compounds using Premium Gypsum Technology that has been developed over 3 years of research, development and testing.

The GTEK Fire and Acoustics guide has been designed to assist architects, specifiers, designers, builders and contractors in the selection of the correct system for projects when fire and acoustic properties are required.

Each of the systems in the guide has been given a unique system number to help with ease of wide range of plasterboard products ensures there is a solution for your entire wall lining needs. The guide also explains the Rw and Ctr ratings and provides examples.

Acoustic Insulation

Earthwool Insulation

In addition to controlling heat, insulation can be used to reduce sound transmission room to room. Acoustic insulation is normally found in walls, ceilings and floors. There are also specialized soundproofing for special applications like home theatres.

It’s important to choose the right insulation for your project. Our team are wall system specialists so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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