Intertenancy and Zero Boundary Walls

An Intertenancy Wall is a wall that is shared between two or more residents of individual dwellings. The primary purpose of an Intertenancy Wall is to prevent the spread of fire from one dwelling to another. This is also known as a ‘Separating Wall’ or 'Party Wall'.

Town houses, terraces and apartments are often divided by an Intertenancy Wall. This creates a barrier between two or more adjoining homes that prevents the transmission of sound, temperature and fire between them. They aim to maximise floor space, minimise costs and risks whilst delivering long term value to the homeowners and builders.

Alternatively, a Zero Boundary Wall refers to a wall of a home that is built up to or very near the edge of the owned land (the boundary line). The wall either directly sits on a boundary line or is so close to it that there is virtually no space left over on the lot, hence the name “Zero Boundary”. Zero Boundary homes often have little yard area, but the house may be larger to fit within the boundary. Zero Boundary homes typically have fewer walls and are narrow in design.

GTEK Protect

A double wall system that incorporates fire-resistant GTEK Protect plasterboard panels within the wall cavity.

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Hebel PowerPanel50

Intertenancy Wall System uses the 50mm thick steel reinforced Hebel AAC panels.

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Hebel PowerPanel XL

External wall system consists of 75mm thick, steel-reinforced AAC panels.

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The GTEK Protect System is one of Australia’s newest separating wall systems providing design flexibility, simple construction, and outstanding acoustic performance.It is a double wall system that incorporates fire-resistant GTEK Protect 25mm plasterboard panels within the wall cavity. The GTEK Protect System has been tested and certified to meet a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 60/60/60.

GTEK Protect is unlike a conventional fire rated wall system where fire resistant outer linings provide protection to the wall substrate. In the GTEK Protect system the main fire barrier is within the wall cavity and is specifically designed to protect the structure on the opposite side of the fire.

Benefits include:

  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Services passing through the system such as switches, power points, light fittings and pipes are easy to install through the outer layers of the system
  • Internal wall linings are installed at the plastering stage as per normal construction sequence.
  • No wet trades required
  • Mould resistant

GTEK Protect Technical Brochure (1.6MB PDF)

NRG Greenboard is an Insulated Wall Panel installation



Hebel’s PowerPanel50 Intertenancy Wall System uses the 50mm thick steel reinforced Hebel AAC panels manufactured in 2.4, 2.7 and 3 metre lengths. Starting at a wall width of just 230mm wide, these Hebel systems maximise floorspace with 70mm separation between stud frames across all systems. Installed vertically, panels are positioned quickly and easily in the Hebel Deflection Head Track for base connection and are fixed to timber or steel frames using aluminium brackets for discontinuous construction. Hebel’s exceptional fire-resistant properties make it an excellent choice when building Intertertenancy or Zero Boundary homes.

Benefits include:

  • Fire Resistant: Creates a fire barrier between residential properties
  • Reduces transfer of sound between properties
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Easily cut onsite
  • Produced to the size needed
  • Minimal waste
  • Environmentally friendly



The PowerPanel XL external wall system consists of 75mm thick, steel-reinforced AAC panels, fixed vertically to Hebel’s patented perforated Top Hat sections – providing a faster way of constructing external facades for residential builds.

Compared to traditional masonry, installation of the PowerPanelXL system is 60% faster and provides outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation performance. It is also non-combustible, making it the perfect choice in bushfire zones.

Strong and solid, each PowerPanelXL panel also contains steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability. Using PowerPanelXL you’ll benefit from high levels of acoustic performance and the same high fire rating performance of the PowerPanel50 Intertenancy Wall Systems.

Benefits include:

  • Strong and solid
  • Energy Efficient
  • High quality
  • Fast installation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Noise Reduction

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